Discover your heritage with interactive community building

Discover your heritage with interactive community building

Discover your heritage with interactive community building

Editor’s Welcome Note:

The Origin Living in Me – the virtual world of Hungary’s countryside Jewry welcomes you! We embark on an adventure in which our community together discovers a heritage that, like the most feared memories of a dusty attic, is hidden somewhere, covered in several layers.

We invite all self-historians, self-explorers, or just the curious mind for an interactive community building activity. As you get to know the past with us we offer experience which has defined your family and shapes your personality even to this day.

We are planning to present and preserve the Hungarian Jewish memories and the stories from the Hungarian countryside within Hungary and also in the neighboring states (the former historical Hungary). Not with assignments of another historic or academic working group. We introduce rural Jewry with outstanding achievements, through family and personal examples, highlighting their social relevance and inspirational characteristics.

We also want to present and even shape the activities and current events related to the life of the present day communities by organizing meetings, exhibitions, cultural or trade gatherings.

Thus with regularly featuring fresh and independent written and audiovisual content we start our mission with our open community of activists, rabbis, sociologists, historians, witers, family tree researchers, tourism- and communications professionals. No matter how polarized and value-relativizing public life we ​​live, we are fully committed about one thing:

the Jewish past is a mutual treasure, responsibility, and duty for all of us. This is the starting point of our work.

For future reference: beside the storytelling and educational mission we are happy to share our knowledeg with you in different socio-economical levels.

Our experts ready to help you with individual inquiries related to your family tree research, or Central European Heritage tours.

Just drop us a line here or in our other social media platforms and we will get back to you.

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